Also known as Doina Park, Carmen Sylva Park is one of the most pleasant parks in the Elisabetin area of Timișoara, an area with historic houses.
In 2011, the park was completely redone, with a hexagonal wooden pavilion providing space for outdoor events. The children's playground is spacious and well equipped. Among the newly planted trees and shrubs there are many green plants all year round, making it a special meeting place for different local communities.

Today's triangular park area was created in the 19th century on the original site of the Esplanade. The oldest flank is today's Romulus Street. During the growing development of the former fortress in the early 19th century, this triangular area was left vacant and became parkland in 1912 when conifers were planted. It was originally called Erzsébet liget, based on Erzsébetváros, the Hungarian name of the Elisabetin district at that time. It was only after the division of Banat in 1919 that the park received its present name. In addition, it was temporarily called Doina Park during the socialist era and received its old name in 2007.


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