The Ion Creanga Children's Park is located on the bank of the Bega canal, in the central area of the city, opposite the Rose Park and near the Faculty of Chemistry and Engineering of the Politehnica University and the Student Complex. As its name suggests, the park is mainly for children.

The park is located between the Bega canal, the Michelangelo passageway and bridge, the historical buildings on Blvd. C.D. Loga and Martir Leontina Bânciu Street. The Children's Park has two main entrances, the main one on Blvd. Michelangelo, and the second from Blvd. Romanian Revolution 1989. The total area of the park is 66,500 square metres (almost 6.7 ha).

The development of the park started about 160 years ago, in 1858. The work was not completed until 33 years later, in 1891. The park was laid out for recreational purposes, which is shown by its very short distance from the Citadel district and by the fact that it was originally named after Emperor Franz Joseph. The original name of the park was Franz Joseph Park, a name kept until 1919 when it was called Mihai Eminescu Park, then after 1950 it was called Pioneers Park, and after the Revolution until today it bears the current name, Ion Creanga Children's Park.


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