The Decebal Bridge connects Bd. Revoluției in 1989 and Bd. 3 August 1919. The construction of the Decebal Bridge is the longest bridge on reinforced concrete beams in Timișoara at the time. Construction of the bridge began in 1908 and was completed a year later.

Considering that the requirements of the City Council regarding the integration of the bridges in the environment were very strict, not allowing too high a construction height, and that the width of the Bega canal was considerable, an innovative solution was needed to ensure compliance with all the required parameters. The cantilever beam solution was used.

At the time, the technical solution was considered daring, as no bridges had been built on reinforced concrete girders with such a span before. The achievement was all the more remarkable because, in the area of maximum positive moments, the requirements imposed a minimum construction height. The opening photograph is a pre-World War I postcard.



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