The Turbina hydropower station in Timișoara is one of the first hydropower plants built in Europe. It is the only one on the continent still in operation 107 years after its inauguration. It bears the imprint of Székely László. The Power Plant complex bears the signature of the famous chief architect of Timișoara at the beginning of the 20th century, Székely László.

The tower, resembling a medieval keep for administrative premises, bears the city's coat of arms on its façade. At its base is a balcony, and on the downstream façade the windows are arched. Construction of the hydroelectric power station began in 1909. It was commissioned on 3 May 1910, producing 89% of the Banat capital's electricity consumption by generating 4.132 GW.

Szilárd Emil, the city's chief engineer at the time, built the first dam-type, horizontal-shaft turbine hydropower plant in present-day Romania.

With this construction on the regularized bed of the Bega river, two essential issues were solved: the elimination of dampness in the basements and the prevention of flooding in the Fabric district.

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