The first Roman Catholic church in the Fabric neighborhood was built in 1765 in Mitropolit Al. Suluțiu. Due to the fact that the church was too small, Abbot Vudy founded in 1886 an association for the construction of a new church.

The foundation stone of the Millennium Church was laid on October 4, 1896, by Roman Catholic Bishop Dessewffy Sándor. It was meant to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of the settlement of the Hungarians in the Pannonian Plain, being one of the various monuments built for this occasion.

The new church, popularly known as the Millennium, was built in Roman Square, with the facade facing the 3 August 1919 Boulevard. The church is built in an eclectic neo-romantic historian style, the architect is Lajos Ybl, the management of the yard belonged to Josef Kremmer senior, and the painting of the main altar and the two sides is the work of Gyorgy Vastagh. The building has an area of 1,700 m2.

The place of worship, designed for 3,000 people, benefited from the tones of an organ made by the famous Banat organ builder Leopold Wegenstein, and the 2,420-kilogram bell came from the Timișoara bell foundry Anton Novotny.

The new place of worship was completed in 1901, being dedicated to the Virgin Mary.



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