Oct. 3, 2023

Brâncuși in Timișoara - in Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023 – the perspective of the month of October

Press Releases

Autumn in Timișoara, the European Capital of Culture, begins at the end of September with a fascinating energy at the National Museum of Art through the eagerly awaited exhibition "Brâncuși: Romanian Sources and Universal Perspectives". From September 30th to January 20th, the Timiș County Council, the National Museum of Art Timișoara, together with the organizers Art Encounters Foundation and the French Institute of Romania, invite the public to observe the way in which Brâncuși managed to cross all geographical, historical, formal, and gender boundaries to ensure his unique place, unattached to any artistic movement. Curated by Doina Lemny, the exhibition benefits from exceptional art loans from the National Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Tate in London, Guggenheim Foundation, National Museum of Art in Bucharest, and the Museum of Art in Craiova, as well as private collections. The exhibition "Brâncuși: Romanian Sources & Universal Perspectives" is the most important exhibition dedicated to Brâncuși in the last half-century in Romania and will also display a unique selection of photos and film fragments by the artist.

In Timișoara, at the end of September, an unmissable event for the curious public is the Night of the Open Campus: European Researchers' Night at the Central Library of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara. Organized by the AC League and the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, the event challenges visitors to discover science at the intersection of art, technology, architecture, and culture through conferences, workshops, and exhibitions held on the campus of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara. There are several main exploration routes: Science & Wine, Midnight Science - presentations by renowned international researchers, the exhibition from the Bright Cityscapes program: "Atlas of Distances", the MV Sci-Art exhibition: Porous Matter - works created by artists in collaboration with researchers from UPT and Norway, THE FACE installation; Experimentarium, the immersive installation Physic - A.I. Garden by the British artist Alex May, Bega River Heritage, an immersive installation made by Spotlight Heritage at the UPT Creative Campus space, and many others. The event is part of the "European Researchers' Night", an initiative to present science to the general public, bringing it closer to those interested in art, technology, and architecture.

On September 30th, the Seara Ars Electronica @HEI takes place at Galeria 1 Bastion, showcasing the latest selection of animated short films from the Ars Electronica Animation Festival, held annually in Linz (Austria). The event presents films made by top young European filmmakers, and the audience can watch the program's two most important sections: Electronic Theater and Austrian Panorama.

From the field of theatre, on the last day of September, the public can attend 25 hours of non-stop theatre in various cultural locations in Timișoara, with plays such as 'Extraconjugal,' written by Neil Simon, one of the most successful contemporary American playwrights, 'Coada,' a wild comedy or philosophical commentary; 'Născut în '90,' a show of the revolution generation. The event continues on October 1st, at the German State Theater Timișoara, with ' Născut în 2000,' the second part of the BIS Theater Trilogy, which premiered during the pandemic peak in August 2020, with 12 audience members and live-streaming; 'Beat Bukovsky,' at Cuib d'Arte, a play on the original verses of the poet, novelist, and American-born German playwright, with guitar, loop-station, and trumpet accompaniment; 'Improstory' and ' Orașul meu,' a community show, live from Cuib D'Arte; 'Opinia publică,' a play performed at the "Ion Vidu" National College of Art; ' Capra cu 3 iezi ,' a show by Sibiu teenagers based on Matei Vișniec's text " Capra, Iedul cel mic și Cumătra Lupoaică," which reinterprets Ion Creangă's story; 'Soare cu dinți,' an absolute premiere of the production, and 'Visul,' the final show of the 25 hours of non-stop theatre festival.

The beginning of October brings the 'Culture of Nightlife Conference' event, part of The Night-Art Festival. Thus, the nightlife culture of Romanian cities is analyzed in the first edition of the "Culture of Nightlife Conference" through an event that aims to change the perception of culture, the optimal moments, and how it can be consumed. During the same period, the project' Atenție, apă!' will take place, where the curious can learn more about the Șubuleasa Canal through a route from the built environment to the watercourse, organized in the LA PAS/Slowing Down program.

In October, the project Ziua omagială Bartók Béla will conclude, and the highlight will be the organization of a performance in the Capitol Hall of the Banatul Philharmonic. The show will result from a collaboration between the Timișoara Philharmonic, the Szeged Symphonic Ensemble, the Szeged Contemporary Ballet Formation, and the Muzsikas Band. Moreover, in October, the public can also participate in Timișoara - Guitar Friendly City, a participatory art project.

Between October 3rd and 12th, 'Lights On Bega' will take place, which is more than just a cultural and artistic event but an invitation to take action and change our attitude towards the environment. At the heart of this event will be the installation 'Floating Earth', a creation by the British artist Luke Jerram, which represents the Earth in astonishing size and detail, inviting viewers to reflect on the planet's fragility. Speaking of fragility, but this time transposed into theatre, between October 8th and 9th, Basca Theatre presents 'Teatru incluziv pentru copii și adulți | Puf Buf' (within the Festival in: v z b l), a performance played by young actors with hearing impairments from the School Center for Inclusive Education "Constantin Pufan”.

Celebrating Trouble. Choreographic Convention arrives between October 4th and 8th at Faber, Bastion 2, Project Center, and ISHO Pavilion, organized by 4Culture Association, with a program dedicated to the performative and multidisciplinary arts. Bringing together dance and performance shows, exhibitions, and panel-type discussions with speakers and performers active on the international cultural scene, Celebrating Trouble. Choreographic Convention is a comprehensive event catered to a discerning audience. Also, for fans of contemporary dance, on October 6th, the DINAM – Timișoara Contemporary dance season 3rd edition will commence, an event organized by the Unfold Motion Association. This contemporary dance season aims to develop new audiences for the field of contemporary dance and to establish a consistent cultural offer for the audience who enjoy modern dance shows and related events, with 10 performances, 3 dance film screenings, 10 workshops for professionals, 10 Q&A sessions, and interviews with the invited artists.

From the educational sphere, on October 5th, the "Teach with Space" International Conference will take place at the West University of Timișoara. This initiative creates opportunities for collaboration and interaction with specialists and scientists from various fields, offering participants an inspiring environment to discover innovative ways of the educational and instructional process.

A much-anticipated event for the discerning audience, Simultan Festival 2023, will be held between October 5th and 8th at the MX - Corneliu Miklosi Museum and the former workspaces of the Timișoara Public Transport Company. The 2023 edition aims to explore and question aspects of society and individual life influenced by technology, to disrupt the standardized image of the future, the cult of progress, and endless development through a series of events and actions such as audio and audiovisual performances, video art projections, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops.

Another festival cherished by the Timișoara and beyond audience, the Timișoara Jazz Festival, 13th edition, will follow between October 5th and 8th. Organized by the Jazz Banat Cultural Foundation, it will feature on its six stages symbols of Timișoara's architecture, history, and culture, as well as top artists from Romanian and international jazz scenes.

Between October 6th and 8th, another vibrant event for the city is "Timișoara 2023. City Celebration." With the arrival of autumn, the weather has become suitable for exploring the city and rediscovering the connection between the districts of Timișoara along the Bega river. The gathering will take place at Uszoda to foster a renewed sense of community around the water that runs through the city. For the three days, participants are invited to concerts by Dubioza Kolektiv, a ska, punk, reggae, electronic, Balkan, and hip-hop band from Bosnia, which over the years has become the biggest band from the Balkans; Guess Who, a band that gained widespread popularity with the release of their 2009 album "Probe audio"; Domino, a unique concept due to their mix of dulcimer, bass guitar, electric guitar, synths, and drums; Brigada vs. Quinta Spartă, alongside Norzeatic, Brugner, and DJ Dox, who need no introduction to the discerning audience, and the 3X3 Timișoara 2023. City Celebration basketball tournament for mixed teams across various age categories. The MV Sci-Art Centre will showcase the EB.Lab exhibition between October 6th and 8th, concurrent with the City Celebration event. E.B.Lab exhibition, an art installation interpreting the research conducted by the Ecluze pe Bega team, offering various perspectives on the ecosystem of the Bega Canal. Additionally, between October 7th and 8th, as part of the city's celebration events, there will be a screening of the documentary film Circumeuropa | Primul Pas, which showcases the first part of the first river-maritime expedition by a Romanian crew around Europe. Thus, the public is invited to the Vaporetto Station at the Metropolitan Cathedral on Saturday and Sunday, from 18:40 to 20:00, to watch this unique documentary film, an initiative by the Wild Watch Association.

Between October 13th and 15th, the public can attend LA PAS: Artisanal Gastronomy Festival at the "Corneliu Miklosi" Public Transport Museum, which brings together over 50 artisans and features a comprehensive artistic program with local artists, as well as artists from Romania, Hungary, Italy, and Portugal.

For film enthusiasts, Gender Equality in Cinema, the first edition of Les Films de Cannes in Timișoara, will occur from October 19th to 22nd. This special edition continues the festival's tradition of popularizing European and international art cinema. This time, it includes a program of screenings and professional events that highlight the contributions of female filmmakers and professionals in cinema, aiming to honour the cultural legacy of these artists.

Contemporary art enthusiasts and fans of independent publications will gather between October 26th and 29th for the 5th edition of the Sit+Read Artbook Fair. This unique fair brings together contemporary artists, designers, typographers, independent publishers, and art lovers in a space of dialogue and inspiration at the Corneliu Miklosi Museum.

At the end of October, the public is invited to the exhibition Am început să văd culorile | Naive Art Exhibition from Romania and Serbia, an event organized by the Prin Banat Association, as part of the Cămine în mișcare Festival. It can be visited between October 27th and November 27th in the Ștefania Palace in Traian Square.

The final event of the month is the Absolute Premiere of the Operetta "Grüsst mein Banat", which will take place on October 28th, in its world premiere, in the Grand Hall of the National Theater in Timișoara. The operetta "Grüsst mein Banat" by Emmerich Bartzer will be a world premiere because although the work was completed in 1939 by the musician born in Lovrin, in Hatzfeld, it never made it to its scheduled premiere in Vienna that same year, which was cancelled due to the outbreak of World War II. The operetta has 3 acts and is orchestrated and arranged by the Timișoara conductor Andreas Schein.

The exhibition "Semnalizatoare - Designul nu este un Panou de Bord", part of the Bright Cityscapes program, organized by the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and Faber, will continue until November 11th at Faber, from Monday to Saturday, between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. The exhibition, curated by Martina Muzi, discusses Timișoara's industry, the city's primary economic force for over 200 years. It showcases how design intersects with other fields and raises questions about the industry, highlighting the extended impact of design. Additionally, at Faber, until October 22nd, the exhibition Performing 89. Stări de deziluzie, can also be visited, a project by the Association Institutul Prezentului, curated by Alina Șerban.

A month filled with some of the most diverse events announces audiences of all ages to prepare for an intense city exploration at the start of a fall in a special year: 2023.

The National Cultural Program "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023" is funded by the Municipality of Timișoara, the Ministry of Culture, and the Timiș County Council.

Main partners: Banca Transilvania, Catena, Linde Gaz Romania, Cramele Recaș, Iulius Town, Profi

Official broadcaster: TVR

Mobility partner: Automobile Bavaria.


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