The Association TIMIȘOARA 2023 - EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE, located in Timișoara, on King Ferdinand I Blvd., no. 2, ground floor, SAD no. 6 and 7, Timiș county, having the tax registration code: RO29217769, from now on referred to as “the Organizer”, is hosting a multimedia installations contest from October 19th to October 31st, 2023, themed “Open call - A Different Timișoara”.

Everyone perceives “A Different Timișoara”!

Timișoara is a city that evokes many feelings and emotions, a tapestry of experiences and memories. Trying to define the city, you realise Timișoara defies any stereotype. But one thing is prominent:

Timișoara is a city that allows you to feel however you desire. More specifically, Timișoara embodies freedom.

Create a multimedia installation concept based on the theme, describe your idea and how you envision the project’s execution. If you’re among the top 5 selected creators, we will realise your project. The more creative and technical specifics, the better because the 3 selection criteria are:

  • Artistic vision
  • Conceptual coherence and its theme integration
  • Technical knowledge and precision
Participation Information

Submit a presentation document that includes a description of the concept, installation sketches, and your envisioned execution of the project to the email address [email protected] by October 31, 2023. Drafts or simulations are essential. You don’t need all the technical answers; together with a specialised creative production team, we’ll find the optimal solutions for your project. Crucially, ensure your email specifies the work’s title and author. The top 5 projects will be rewarded with €1,000 for the concept and approximately €10,000 for its realisation.

Participation Procedure

Step 1: Develop a concept fitting the theme, artistically describe the idea, and outline how you envision the project’s execution.

Step 2: Email your document to [email protected], stating your name and the contest you’re entering: “A Different Timișoara” - Open call multimedia installations.

Step 3: We will assess your submission and announce winners within 15 days of the application deadline.

Contestants bear full responsibility for their submitted projects, ensuring they don’t infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights and that the work is their original creation.

Project submissions for the installation must

  • Be feasible within a €10,000 budget;
  • Use durable materials to ensure a minimum 3-year lifespan in its original condition;
  • Not promote discrimination based on race, gender, political affiliation, etc.

By emailing your document to the address mentioned above, you grant the Organizer exclusive, unlimited, and free copyright over the project, consenting to its potential public release without compensation. If the Organizer opts for public disclosure, participants agree that the Organizer can use the copyrighted work locally and internationally.

For any clarifications, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Prize collection details will be shared with winners within 15 days of their announcement.

Participation Restrictions

The extended TM2023 team, including members from the Timiș County’s Culture and Art Center, Timișoara Project Center, and the Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture Association, cannot participate in this initiative.


  • €1,000 for the concept
  • €10,000 for project execution
Personal Data Processing

By submitting the conceptual description document, participants consent to the Organizer processing their data, as detailed in the annexed information note on personal data processing attached to these regulations.

Best of luck to all!

This project is part of the communication for the "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture" program in 2023. A cultural project funded by the Ministry of Culture.


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