Founded in 2010, The 4Culture Association carries out activities in the contemporary art field - dance, performance, visual arts and multidisciplinary projects. Through its projects and programmes, 4Culture proposes to contribute to the development of the contemporary art public in Romania, to a continuous professional development and promotion of emerging young artists, by granting cultural mobilities, artistic residencies, organising workshops, through research and coaching programmes, production, presentations and dissemination.

Through its activities The 4culture Association brings forth the role that art plays in promoting and international dialogue, in tolerance, human rights and social cohesion, through promoting artistic creation discussing social and political matters. The developed projects facilitate meetings between artists from diverse areas and contribute to the opening of cultural institutions (museums, cultural centres) in relation to the educational medium (communities, high schools, universities), at a national and European level. With an acknowledged international experience, the projects carried out by 4Culture implemented in its 10 years of activity have received the appreciation of the public in the cultural and creative fields.

Starting with 2012, 4Culture has its own space, at WASP Working Art Space and Production, and carries out national collaborations with artists and organisations all over Timisoara, Iasi, Sibiu, Brasov and Cluj. Since 2008, 4Culture Association has been a member of the European network Life Long Burning. Also since 2008, the Association is a co-organiser of european projects of the network (Jardin d’Europe 2008-2013,, Life Long Burning 2013-2018, 2018-2022, 2023-2026). Starting with 2014 4Culture starts their collaboration with norwegian organisations and artists through the EEA Grants Programme, developing the projects: “Foreign bodies” (2014-2016), “Exploring Plurealities” (2021-2023) and “Lockout Stereotypes” (2022-2024).


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