The Diaspora Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been operating since 1993. Over the years, the foundation has run cultural programs, developed editorial and community projects, promoted local and regional values, all with a focus on local heritage and regional values. Its activities extend to the built heritage and renowned personalities who have contributed to the city's development.

The Foundation is an important organization for the Hungarian community in the city and beyond. It promotes Hungarian culture and values within the specific multicultural context of the region. The Foundation has carried out community programs with a focus on intercultural dialogue. A significant aspect of the association's operation is its partnerships with numerous administrative and educational institutions across the Euroregion (in Romania, Hungary, and Serbia).

The Foundation has implemented projects funded by the European Union, with the majority being cross-border cooperation projects involving Romania - Serbia and Romania - Hungary relationships. There is collaboration with local authorities through applications for non-repayable funding calls and the implementation of these projects. The Foundation has gained experience in promoting the city's built heritage and cultural values. It has authored and published books, organised conferences and cultural events in Timișoara, as well as in peripheral areas or in Timiș County. They have edited the Timișoara Guidebook, which contains descriptions of the city's buildings.


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