The name Kabaitan comes from Tagalog, a language spoken in the Philippines, and it means kindness, which defines our desire to become better through culture and education. In the 10 years of our activity, the Association has carried out cultural and educational projects for children and young people, as well as for the general public. We have organized training courses, public events, debates, blues and rock concerts, creative gatherings on traditional and recycling themes, workshops with students as part of the "Different School" program.

Consistently, we promote the cultural life of Timișoara by producing reports, interviews, and live broadcasts. In the process of promotion, accessibility (subtitles, sign language interpretation, audio versions) has always been and continues to be a concern and a goal. We have organized themed camps on journalism, media education, and communication. Over 1000 young people have benefited from participating in these thematic camps free of charge.

Charitable actions are another chapter within Kabaitan. We have worked with children from disadvantaged areas, raised funds for various causes, but these actions have always taken on a cultural form. The cultural dimension is an essential condition within the charitable actions we organize. We collaborate with NGOs in Timișoara such as FITT, Sfera Timișoarei, Alergotura, VIVART, Ceva de Spus, Solidart, Fundația Comunitară, Triade, ArtMedia, Fundația Oeconomică, and others, as well as with institutions such as UPT, UVT, Casa Studenților, Teatrul Maghiar, Teatrul German, Teatrul Merlin, Institutul francez, and with independent artists such as Thespis, Basca, Auăleu, Sonatic, Phaser, The Case, Melting Dice, The Different Class, Allover. We have been partners and collaborators in over 50 projects over the years, including Timotion, eLibrăria, Orașul Paralel, Civicultura, Semne, Festivalul Internațional Sub bagheta lui Merlin, and more.


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