Magnum V.R.D. Sport Dance Club Association has been an active participant in the sports and cultural scene of Timisoara since 2005. With a strong portfolio of festivals featuring international participation, international dance competitions, and their own performances, as well as participation in events organized by local and county authorities such as the Festival of Timisoara Arts, BegaBulevard, and Timisoara Days, the association has established itself as a partner of prestigious institutions including the Timis County Council, Timisoara City Hall, West University of Timisoara, Polytechnic University of Timisoara, and the Romanian Federation of Dance Sport. The association specializes in various types of dance and choreography, while also excelling in organizing sports, cultural, and educational events. Over the course of its 18-year history, Magnum V.R.D. has conducted a wide range of activities, including dance classes for children and adults in sports dance, Argentine tango, ballroom dance, ballet, street dance, and contemporary dance. The association has successfully organized numerous events in schools throughout Timis and neighboring counties, as well as camps, themed camps, and wellness events such as nature excursions, yoga, and dance. Its mission is to promote sports, a healthy lifestyle, a love for culture and art, and education for all ages, while actively engaging in voluntary social activities.

Today, Club Magnum stands among the top dance schools in Romania and Europe, boasting a community of approximately 3000 dancers, young and adult, parents, volunteers, and supporters. The association maintains ongoing collaborations and partnerships with local and county administrative institutions, schools, universities, NGOs, dance clubs, and national and international sports federations. It also enjoys strong relationships with prominent local cultural institutions, including the Romanian National Opera Timișoara, The Banatul Philharmonic Timișoara, the National Theatre "Mihai Eminescu" in Timișoara, the Hungarian Theatre "Csiky Gergely," the German State Theatre, and the Theatre for Children and Youth "Merlin." Through these partnerships, Magnum V.R.D. actively contributes to the cultural and artistic enrichment of Timișoara.

Demonstrating its commitment to social issues, the association regularly organizes dance classes for the blind, individuals with disabilities, and pensioners through partnerships with the Social Assistance Department of the Municipality of Timisoara and the Special Theoretical High School "Iris" in Timisoara. Additionally, Magnum Association provides employment opportunities and a chance for a decent living to Ukrainian refugee athletes and coaches.

Alongside the world and European champion titles of the club's professional dancers, the passion of the Magnum community has been reflected in a variety of original events and cultural products, such as the dance-theatre play "Tango: History of a Love Story," or in the direction and choreography of the Viennese Ball in Timișoara. Additionally, the association has been involved in five projects funded by the Timișoara County Council and the Timișoara City Hall through the Project Centre over the past three years. These projects include "In Dance Steps Through Heritage Buildings" (CJT/2021) and "Spotlighting Timisoara's Heritage Through Dance" (Discovering Timisoara's Heritage through Dance), in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and the National Museum of Banat (Timișoara Project Centre, 2022).


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