MAIDAN Creation Center is an independent theater in Cluj-Napoca that aims to connect various artists and the public within a multifunctional space of 180 m2, with a capacity of 99 seats, dedicated to interactive cultural activities. The general objectives of MAIDAN are to encourage and develop the expression of young artists, strengthen the educational role of the arts in society, and create a cultural center dedicated to the local community.

Since the opening of the theater space (with the suspension of public activities in 2020 and 2021) until 2023, MAIDAN has organized and supported over 60 events, including theater performances, concerts, improvisation shows, storytelling performances, and shows for children.

The implementation team of the project "Nonverbal Comedy Dedicated to the Deaf Community" includes:

Diana Antoaneta Aldea - manager (manager of MAIDAN Creation Center, theater director, and assistant professor at the Faculty of Theater and Film in Cluj)

Filip Odangiu - director, associate professor at the Faculty of Theater and Film in Cluj, with over 45 directed productions for professional and student shows

Radu Lărgeanu - actor (actor at the National Theater in Cluj-Napoca, with over 70 roles in theater and film)

Alexandru Condurat - actor (actor at the National Theater in Turda, MAIDAN actor, collaborator at Reactor de creație și experiment in Cluj)

Maria Pandrea - actress (master's student at the Faculty of Theater and Film in Cluj, with 10 roles in theater and participation in multiple workshops. Currently collaborating as an actress with the National Theater in Turda and MAIDAN)

Mihai Munteanu - marketing specialist (web designer - University of Arts and Design in Cluj, project manager & digital supervisor - Untold & Nevesea festivals, creative director & brand designer - Untold festival, etc.)

Ingrid Neacșu - theater workshop coordinator (graduate of pedagogical modules I and II at the University of Craiova. She has conducted theater workshops at various theater festivals in Romania and currently works as an actress at the National Theater in Turda)

Cătălin Florea - sound and lighting technician (sound engineer at the National Theater in Turda since 2020, has handled technical direction and sound design for 6 productions, provided technical support for the International Theater Festival in Turda (2021, 2022))

Florin Suciu - set designer (founder of Magic Puppet theater, actor, set designer, and puppeteer, has created several set designs for various productions, including shows for children, adults, and puppet shows for teenagers and adults)

Angela Mate - authorized mimetic-gestural interpreter (psychology graduate, with a master's degree in deaf-audiology specialization, has held various roles: rehabilitation educator, cochlear implant logotherapist, sign language interpreter for TVR Timișoara)

Anca Doczi - PR specialist (Project Manager at The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Romania, previously worked as a PR and communication specialist at the Faculty of Theater and Film in Cluj, Outreach & community development practitioner at Homerton University Hospital - London, etc.)


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