Mockra Productions is a company established in 2017, specialized in the production of animated films, promotional videos, commercial films, TV spots and clips, event presentation films, documentaries, and short films. Registered at Romanian Film Center, Mockra Productions has built a strong reputation in the film industry in recent years, gaining significant experience in executing projects and cultural activities.

In addition to producing high-quality films, Mockra Productions became a film distributor starting in 2018. The company has promoted and distributed various animated films and short films both locally and internationally, thereby contributing to cultural and artistic diversity. Among its notable projects is the medium-length animated film "Chororo – Europe's Music Beyond Prejudice," which received a SEE grant worth 861,036 lei. Additionally, the animated films "Close Enough" and "The Dragon's Gift" had successful screenings at film festivals and cinemas. "Close Enough," with a total budget of 3,462,268 lei, was distributed in 60 cinemas across 38 cities, and it was screened at festivals such as Kinodiseea (Romania), Scanorama (Lithuania), and Shifting Pictures (Serbia, Romania, Czech Republic, the Netherlands).

In addition to film production and distribution, Mockra Productions has been actively involved in the local community. In 2022, in partnership with ABI Foundation, it organized the second edition of ABIFF – Animation Bucharest International Film Festival, a remarkable event featuring simultaneous and special screenings in Bucharest and 13 other cities. The festival focused on promoting Ukrainian animated films and artistic talents, offering a unique cultural perspective to the wider audience. Through this event, Mockra Productions continued to stimulate interest and appreciation for animation, as well as cultural exchange between communities.

Mockra Productions also serves as a catalyst for young artists, providing them with a platform to express their talents and develop their careers in the film industry.

The company is open to collaborations and partnerships, especially with organizations and institutions that share values such as quality, excellence, cultural and artistic diversity, social and cultural impact, and are dedicated to promoting culture and the arts.


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