The Classical Theatre Ioan Slavici Arad is a public performing arts institution, founded in 1948 under the name of the Romanian State Theatre Arad, which operates in one of the most important buildings of Arad. The theatre includes two departments which cover a diverse repertoire, with projects from the classical repertoire, contemporary drama, experimental theatre and those addressed to children. With a precisely defined repertoire, it aspires to satisfy the taste for theatre of the audience from Arad, by different age categories. The theatre institution from Arad has established a series of collaboration and partnership links with similar institutions from Romania and abroad - Pecs National Theatre, Hungary, Bursa State Theatre, Turkey, Ivan Radoev Theatre, Plevna, Bulgary, Niš National Theatre, Serbian, Skopjie Dramatic Theatre, North Macedonia, Gyula Citadel Theatre, Hungary, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre, German State Theatre Timisoara.

The Classical Theatre Ioan Slavici Arad is a promoter of the Romanian theatre art, being present over the years on important stages in Europe. Three major cultural events take place annually in the organization of The Classical Theatre Ioan Slavici Arad: International Festival of Classical Theatre, Euromarionette Animation Art Festival, International Festival of New Theatre.

Among the objectives reached by CTIS Arad we can mention: to satisfy the taste and desire for high quality theatre; to increase the visibility and reputation of the Romanian theatre art in the European space; encourage the active participation of cultural operators in the field of theatre in the intercultural dialogue; to continue an interactive international cultural dialogue; to promote Romanian culture abroad.


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