Infinity, the path of the plastic monsters

The project will start with buying the neccessary components needed to make two compact plastic recycling machines. The first machine is a device for shredding plastic into very small pieces. The second machine is a hot press, which transforms the already crushed plastic into a homogeneous alloy shaped as a tile. After purchasing the necessary items, I will proceed to assemble the machines and make them functional. They consist of two main parts- mechanical and electronic, thus I will use components from both spheres in the construction. The manufacture of the devices should take about two to two and a half months.
Making the machines is followed up by the next step,that of collecting the material for the recycling process. This part will involve, mainly, young people, with whose help I will clean up a polluted area of Timisoara by collecting plastic waste. The plastic waste collection process will be documented and included in the final exhibition. In addition to the public plastic waste collection action, I will also make an open invitation for those who want to donate their plastic waste. Those who get involved will be invited to participate in an open workshop regarding the making of the plastic plates.The plastic plates process can start only after collecting all the neccessary materials. It is going to be fully transparent, open for everybody, from visitors popping by, to organized groups for people interested in the process.NAVA C 2, the artistic group of which I have been a member since 2022, will provide its open space to host the workshops. `After the production of the plastic plates, we will move on to the production of the works, amounting to a total of two to three installations (depending on the material I manage to collect and process). They will be large figures (about 1.5-2m) depicting imaginary mythological creatures or fictitious monsters, which I will place subsequently in the urban environment and document the reaction of people interacting with the works.
The small documentary, together with the works will be exhibited at NAVA C2 gallery. The use of residual materials to create works has accompanied my creative path since the beginning. I started using discarded materials such as stone, metal and wood, which became an important leitmotif in my work.During and after my studies I began to work actively in the field of sculpture. In the early years I worked with classic materials such as stone, wood, bronze and metal, and, classical subjects such as the figurative. Since 2015, I started working with alternative materials,like recycled plastic, but also polystyrene, glues and others. I lived and worked in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from the beginning of my higher studies until 2022. From 2014 to 2016, I participated in numerous exhibitions, projects, actions, as well as member of the performance group dumb dupp. Additionally, I took part in international exhibitions in Turkey, Bratislava, Morocco and Spain. In 2019, I worked in the Via Transilvania project, until its completion in 2022. Since the end of 2022, I am living in Timișoara,where I am currently a member of NAVA C2 art group.`
Aceast proiect a fost realizat printr-o finanțare Energie! Burse de creație, acordată de Municipiul Timișoara, prin Centrul de Proiecte, în cadrul Programului cultural național „Timișoara – Capitală Europeană a Culturii în anul 2023".