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Deconstructing stereotypes and overcoming marginalisation of Roma communities in Timișoara and Europe.
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Knowledge Fields
Artistic approaches to the digital world. Emerging art pedagogies guide audiences through the contemporary world and art shaped by technology. Knowledge Fields represents a constellation of actors with various pedagogical methodologies, which do not impose themselves on each other, but rather try to learn from each other, to pursue an exchange of working methods, with an experimental character both at the level of content, as well as of the partnership.
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In the context of Timișoara – European Capital of Culture, the West University of Timișoara aims to become the biggest platform in Western Romania for debating ideas that impact the European Union and the local community, thus creating a city that is critical and effervescent for both its residents and visitors and that also has a strong connection with its community.
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Addictive Lights
Disrupting digital habits through multimedia installations and performances. Addictive Lights aims to redirect the attention from the artificial light of devices to the inner light of the individuals, to generate new connections through common experiences, but also to offer a critical reflection on new technologies. It empowers people to transform their addictive exposure to new technology into a craving for culture and digital inclusion. Addictive Lights will act as an engine of action, artistic and social interaction in and on the public space through interdisciplinary approaches, involving new technologies.
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Players of Change
Players of Change builds on the spirit of the 1989 Revolution, and brings into the spotlight the changemakers of today, in their diversity of form and expression. Programul include două componente, al căror punct de intersecție este ideea de comunitate, acțiune colectivă, colaborare și solidaritate în spiritul valorilor comune, cu un curs strâns legat de istoria Timișoarei în contextul Revoluției din 1989.
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in : v z b l is a festival that aims to make visible what is invisible, promoting values such as dialogue, understanding, respect and solidarity. The voices of various vulnerable, "invisible" groups are often unheard or even unspoken. The festival wants to give these groups a voice and the context to self represent and strengthen their within the community.
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Re-think, re-invent, re-create. From photography, film and sound to exhibitions related to the "object mania" and museum exhibitions – Timiș County Youth Foundation (FITT) in partnership with the Cultural Ambulance and the artist Emil Kindlein propose a tour with stops in creative and do-it-yourself workshops, to rediscover the fascination of craftsmanship.
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Understanding the past so that we consciously decide for the present.
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Fluid Views
Breaking through clogged mentalities with the power of culture
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Inside People
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