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Remix ID
REMIX ID aims to revitalise the archaic multi-ethnic universal values (Saxon, Serbian, Jewish, Hungarian, Bulgarian etc.) in a contemporary manner, using new media techniques and to offer the audience a new artistic experience. Tradition and contemporaneity, symbol and graphics, rhythm and pulsation – the project involves a series of interventions in the form of visual and performative performances in the rural area and in the neighbourhoods of Timișoara.
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Spotlight Heritage
Spotlight Heritage Timișoara is a digital cultural initiative of the Politehnica University of Timișoara in partnership with the National Museum of Banat, overlapping heritage in digital and physical formats. Spotlight Heritage Timișoara increases the interest of the wider public in Timișoara’s historical neighbourhoods, marginal and neglected, by using guided tours and digital storytelling to empower locals and tourists to see, hear, feel, act, co-create and internalize the city. It is also a model of crowdsourced participatory storytelling meant to empower citizens and tourists to turn their technological appetite into culture.
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Performing arts as a tool for reclaiming public space at the periphery and for social cohesion. Since 2017, Impulse transforms Timișoara’s peripheral public spaces into cultural spots, experimenting new connections between urbanism, architecture and performing arts. The programme makes public spaces inclusive and combats social labelling by fostering performances that reach and involve all types of users, from pupils to marginalised groups and disabled people.
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Frames and Shapes
The programme is based on a concept developed in order to promote contemporary dance on the following strategic directions: development of the dance community involvement of different age groups or professionals in dance activities, interventions in the public space – activating peripheral areas of the city as well as exploring the wider region (Banat, cross-border region) and diversification of the audience, attracting new audiences through the heterogeneity of artistic proposals.
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Urban Dilemmas / Parallel City
Urban Dilemmas / Parallel City is built around historical neighbourhoods that become central to the public's memory and consciousness, with all their history, significance and dimensions, documented, mapped and crisscrossed, experienced by citizen-viewers through immersive/itinerant theatre trails and performances (Parallel City); neighbourhoods and public spaces are also the ones that generate and host debates (City Talks) and bring good practices to the agenda (Civic Streams).
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City Voices
In the perspective of 2023, the National Theatre of Timișoara intends to build bridges of communication, through theatre, between the Romanian and European cultures, with direct and immediate impact in the community. The programme will be structured on 3 directions - Focus, Identity Workshop and Open the Words, that aim to: facilitate the direct involvement of the citizen in the artistic act, stimulating formulas for personal expression and relationships within the community, identify specific elements in Balkan culture and recover them as a relevant part of contemporary European culture, and facilitate the access of professionals and European public to Romanian contemporary drama.
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Breathing Spaces
Through participatory design and architectural interventions for cultivating shared spaces, the Living Spaces route aims to encourage the public to be active and take responsibility for public space, and to promote the idea that the city belongs to us and concerns us all. A series of participatory interventions in 2022 and 2023, urban activations and publications will open a platform for dialogue to formulate a human-centred public architecture policy for Timișoara.
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Bright Cityscapes
Bright Cityscapes is a programme of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary experimentation and innovation development through connection of culture, creativity and technology. The aim of the programme is to establish a permanent Urban Lab and Future Thinking Hub in Timișoara and to connect creativity and culture with technology, science, learning, environment and craft for the green and climate neutral development of the city. Urban and social research will take the form of multimedia visualizations, exhibitions, interactive installations and open tools for city co-creation, urban activism and citizen science.
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ROD Festival
In the tradition of film caravans, ROD takes place outdoors in front of an audience that does not have access to the cinema, theatre performances or cultural interventions; it proposes interactions on social, memory and topical themes in unconventional, outdoor spaces, for communities or people who are often ignored, for isolated, disadvantaged, vulnerable, institutionalised groups – trying to bridge the gap between centre and periphery, between mainstream discourse and the lost voices of the forgotten.ROD Festival is accompanied by secondary and complementary events such as free medical or social services or specialist workshops, and creates the necessary conditions for generating a new sense of community and belonging.
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Slowing Down
La Pas / Slowing Down programme aims to enhance gastronomic heritage by respecting specific principles of sustainable cities and communities, developing responsible consumption skills among young people, sustainable practices for organising cultural events and tourism, public policies that favour sustainable development models and a culture of solidarity and sustainability among citizens.
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Energy Incubators
Promoting public space and industrial heritage as resources for the city through temporary events, such as Harababura Vintage Fair, Launmomentdat în parc, The Secret Garden, Sabotage Festival, Sit+Read. Independent Artbook Fair, Launmomentdat în curte.
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The Europe of citizens has no centre or periphery. Europe's neighbourhoods can easily be divided by fear, extremism, social injustice and crises of all kinds. But what does the society we want to be part of look like, and how can we together help to create it?
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Inside Locuri
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Bright City
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