A Martian Odyssey: Laboratory

The first meeting with the public will take place at the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University, where in the attic of the faculty Ștefan Constantinescu will meet with the students of the Photo-Video department for a reading of the proposed script in three - actors Cosmina Stratan, Bogdan Dumitrache and one of the students present -, followed by a dialogue with the students about the text.

The next day, in the Baroque Hall of the Timișoara National Art Museum, Ștefan Constantinescu's dialogue with the actors Cosmina Stratan and Bogdan Dumitrache will continue, for a textual analysis of the characters, the logic of the narrative, the decoupage, the emotional and dramatic lines. At the end there will be a free discussion with the audience and Q&A.

On the third day, again in the attic of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Ștefan Constantinescu will give an Artist Talk at the end of which he will screen the short films: Trolleybus 92 (2009), 6 big fish (2013), The Shower (2016) and a passage from the feature film Dog Man (2022). There will be a discussion with the audience about the research work, the sources of funding and the development of artistic projects. In the evening of the same day, the movie Dog Man will be screened at the Victoria Cinema. After the screening, Ștefan Constantinescu will hold a dialogue with the writer and university professor Marcel Tolcea, followed by Q&A with the spectators present at the screening.

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Odiseea Marțiană | Laborator

Odiseea Marțiană | Laborator