The Faculty of Arts and Design of the West University of Timisoara is the largest and most important centre of its kind in the western part of the country, occupying an exceptional place in the elite of Romanian artistic education. This excellent placement results from the path made with passion and competence by the academic body in the last 30 years, favouring the development of the Romanian visual arts.

After several successive transformations, at the beginning of the 1960s - a period full of constructive momentum after the war - a Faculty of Arts was created at the same time as the University of Timișoara. This new educational institution brought together all the artistic energies of this corner of the country and produced several series of young artists. At the same time, the art high school became a place of artistic and pedagogical experiments. At the beginning of the 1970s, a group of artist-teachers, who formed the internationally known group Sigma (Ștefan Bertalan, Constantin Flondor, Doru Tulcan), began to work with students, abandoning academic study. Their interest turned to action, environmental art, photography and film, thus contributing to change in a particular academic vision that had long persisted in art education.


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