The Faculty of Arts and Design within the West University of Timișoara has certainly become an important pole of cultural influence in the field of Visual Arts. Our exhibition activities have acquired an upward dynamic recently, and concerns for the

development of partnerships with cultural environments are a priority for us. The European Timișoara context of culture determines us as an institution, to contribute to civic involvement, complementary to the higher artistic education curriculum. Part of a

comprehensive University - the West University of Timișoara - the Faculty of Arts and Design imprints a special and unique identity in the landscape of higher artistic education, through unlimited access to transversal skills, but also to a whole palette of other facilities. Thus, the offer of specializations and the quality of the educational act are centered on the student, connected to contemporary requirements and integrated into the dynamics of society. Artistic creation, scientific research and visual education are harmoniously brought together, through the intrinsic vocational character, but also through the high-value academic body. Together with ICR Venetia, we are starting a project that will take place annually for a period of five years, through which the values ​​that define us will contribute to the completion of the Timisoara cultural calendar.

Entitled ANNUAL VENICE UVT, focused on promoting artistic excellence, the exhibition cycle constitutes a true value filter. The project is carried out annually for five

years through exhibitions of Fine Art - Painting, Graphics, Photography, Textile Arts,

Ceramics - between August 7-14 in the Picolla Gallery within ICR Venice and in the fall of 2023 in the Mansarda Gallery - Faculty of Arts and Design from the West University of Timișoara. The exhibitions of FAD teachers and students will be held in tandems - Master- Disciple and will present the results of artistic research to both the Venetian and Timișoara audiences. The cycle of exhibitions in the mirror - Venice-Timișoara - gives the project expertise in excellence by relating to the connection with a real cultural, touristic and historical center such as the Venice Lagoon.

Part of

Anuala Venețiană UVT

Anuala Venețiană UVT