BMW - Iconic Architecture, Legendary Car Design @ CODRU Sustainart Village Timișoara

CODRU Sustainart Village & Creative Sustainability Week 
6-15 october 2023, CODRU Urban Garden (Cazarma U), Union Square Timișoara

BMW's Iconic Architecture and legendary Car Design - A glimpse into a revolutionary transformation half a century ago.

Sunday, October 8th @ CODRU Urban Garden | Cazarma U 

Let's explore the fascinating world of iconic architecture and legendary car design, peering into a groundbreaking transformation from 50 years ago.

8:30 PM - Reception and guided tour by David Carp Design Identity, Media Outside-In Team and Rolls Royce Design at BMW Group

9:30 PM - Film Screening Event - "He Flew Ahead – Karl Schwanzer," in the presence of the director himself, Max Gruber

"He Flew Ahead – Karl Schwanzer" isn't a typical documentary. It's a journey into the past, where we'll learn about the BMW 1602, the brand's first electric car, and how it took the racing world by storm.

BMW isn't just about making great cars; it's about making them sustainably. Today, BMW is the world's top premium carmaker, and they're committed to sustainability. 

This project is part of the National Cultural Program Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is funded through the LOB2023+ program, implemented by the Timiș County Center for Culture and Art, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture's budget

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