Bodies in motion. Creating fictions and intensities Workshop

From 14-15 October we invite you to the workshop Bodies in motion: Creating fictions and intensities, in which we learn to see the body as an open space to explore, a space capable of surprising and surprising us.

Under the direction of choreographer Andreea Novac, participants will use dance to discover what is deeply personal, unique and unrepeatable in our way of being in movement and explore the expressive possibilities that arise at the intersections of multiple dimensions - affective, cognitive, social.

The workshop is open to all adults passionate about dance, regardless of their level of experience, will take place in Sala Rotonda (FITT Timișoara), and participation is free by registering at [email protected].


- Saturday: 10.00-16.00

- Sunday: 10.00-16.00


Sometimes intuitively or directly, consciously or directed, the body (reveals itself) directly and gives external form to our inner life. At the same time it becomes a means of reflection on the world.

In addition to dance as a way of communicating content, the workshop brings all the benefits of the complex physical exercise that contemporary dance entails, facilitating a better knowledge of one's own body, better coordination, understanding of basic notions about support structures, imbalance, weight, dynamics, intensities.

The workshop is brought to Timisoara at the initiative of choreographer Alexandra Gîrbea and is part of CADRE & FORME - a complex dance program developed by the associations Noi Re-Creăm and Unfold Motion, included in the National Cultural Program "Timisoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture" and funded by the Municipality of Timisoara through the Project Centre.

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