Book lauch ”Research through art, practices and methods”

Book launch "Research through Art, practices and methods" by Alexandru Berceanu

"The present book makes a major contribution to our understanding of these complex relationships through an important dimension of the discussion: art as research.

Arts-based research is an area of profound change in how researchers and practitioners approach research methodologies, particularly in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, social sciences, and the humanities. This "methodological turn" offers a unique and innovative approach, recognizing the role of art in revealing the complexity of human cognition and behavior. This methodological framework recognizes that traditional scientific research tools, while invaluable, sometimes fail to capture the nuances of human experience. Arts-based research incorporates various forms of artistic expression, such as visual arts, music, dance, and theater, into the research process. In doing so, art-based research expands the boundaries of conventional research, allowing for deeper exploration of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.” Alexandru Berceanu

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