The Doar Mâine Association aims to develop a cultural ecosystem that supports education in addressing the current climate, energy, political and epidemiological crises and in creating strategies for a sustainable future, by harnessing the critical and emancipatory role of art and the innovative role of new technologies.

The project Post-education. Pedagogies of the crisis is implemented by the Doar Mâine Association from Arad, together with the partners: Arad Museum Complex; Art College "Sabin Drăgoi" Arad; Faculty of Design, "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad; organizations from Linz, Time's up! and DARV Collective.

All of the activities will take place both in Arad and Timisoara during 2023. A series of events open to the general public will be organized within the project, including: the Post-education conference, where art theorists, philosophers, pedagogues, etc. will be invited, exhibitions by students and pupils from Arad, Timisoara and Bucharest, open-air workshops of ideas, several cultural mediation sessions at the Arad Museum Complex and pilot pedagogical workshops with artists from Romania and abroad.

Also to be published: the volume Post-education with articles presented at the conference of the same name; the booklets Pedagogies of the Crisis and Next.Ed.Kit - guides for pedagogical practice and cultural mediation, produced as a result of the theoretical workshop Pedagogies of the Crisis and through the involvement of Time's Up! in Linz. Under the guidance of the DARV Collective in Linz, pupils and students from Arad will create augmented reality artworks that can be found through the augmented reality application in various locations in Arad.

Doar Mâine Association aims to repeat in the future the achievements of the project that had an impact on the art scene and the public in Arad.


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