Game development workshop in GODOT 4

In this workshop, I intend to establish an interactive collaboration with the group of students. The objective is to initiate them in using and understanding the structure of the GODOT 4 game development program.

Also, through this workshop, the group of students will be informed about the resources available to deepen their knowledge about the functionalities of this software.

In this workshop, the mechanisms from the GODOT 4 program will be presented through the example of the video game project - Robots on Mars - which we made for the exhibition Speculative Laboratory 1.0.

The aspects that will be covered in this workshop are the following: the program interface, creating and ranking objects in a game scene, making a motion animation for the character, correlating the animation with the object (character) in the scene.

These topics will be supported with the visual support of the game - Robots on Mars - whose structure will be analyzed and used as an example for the theoretical aspects related to the functionality of the GODOT 4 program.

Sânziana Gheorghe is a visual artist and PhD student in Timișoara, within the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timișoara. He is a trainee member of UAP Romania since 2023.

As a creative endeavor, the works he creates are in the field of easel graphics, engraving, painting, installation, combining traditional drawing and engraving techniques with experimental techniques. Through her work, the artist aims to capture the point of contact between the area of the figurative - especially the human figure, and the area of the abstract, translating into visual language, the game between reason and instinct.

Participates in numerous group exhibitions, and exhibitions of the Faculty of Arts and Design from Timișoara, in the country and abroad, such as:

I forgot my ruler, within the ArtEncounters Biennial of contemporary art, 2023 edition, May 21-July 16, 2023, Timișoara

Exhibition of research projects of PhD students from the Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timișoara, May 15-22, 2023, Beira Interior University of Covilha, Portugal

Memory [OFF] Space, 9-29 May 2023, UVT ArtCenter, Timișoara

Infinite Journeys, Romania-Korea Exhibition, March 27-April 29, Mansarda Gallery, Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timișoara, Timișoara Genealogy of subjective realities, October 24-28, 2022, Spinelli 3D Distribution Area, European Parliament, Brussels

Emerging Artists Awards 2021, October 1-4, 2021, Comenduirea Garnizoanei Gallery, Timișoara

The Only Tomorrow Speculative Laboratory project is part of the national cultural program Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is financed through the program Inside Timișoara 2023, run by the Project Center of the Municipality of Timișoara, with amounts allocated from the budget of state, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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