Theoretical Workshop | Pedagogies of crisis #2

The workshop aims to create a pedagogical guide that will include theoretical support in the form of articles, descriptions of educational activities, lesson plans and support materials (exercises, mind maps, examples, etc.) on the topic of pedagogy of crisis - an approach to current crises (climatic, economic, political and social) in education. The goal is to generate a new skepsis in education that focuses on education for a sustainable and equitable future world. The activities proposed, planned and tested have in common: the use of new technologies in a critical and sustainable way, education through art, the transdisciplinary approach between art and science, ecological approaches. In autumn 2023 we will publish the first volume.

Minitremu Discussion Workshop will be organized on the occasion of the opening of the workshop, an event dedicated to the public, an informal meeting that will talk about the activity of the association that started ten years ago, and fragments of the group's experience will be presented, along with some theoretical and practical educational resources , to provide an overview of recent changes in art pedagogy.

During the workshop, the content of the "Pedagogies of Crisis " guide will be planned and debated, which we will publish by the fall of 2023. The guide will be created starting from the scheme developed at the first edition of the workshop (the one from September 2022), it will have a transdisciplinary approach and will focus on proposing strategies/topics/situations/spaces/lessons/materials for education, which we will develop together starting from the following basic suggestions:

  • education through art;
  • critical approach to new technologies for innovation;
  • ecology, biosphere, nature first;
  • the development and application of desirable socialization models for a fair (for all living things), sustainable and viable world;
  • development of students' subjectivity (freedom, individuality, self-determination);

Together we will answer questions like the ones below, but the list is open for free discussion:

  • What skills and knowledge should be provided through the Pedagogies of Crisis guide, taking into account the wider cultural, social and political context?
  • What visions of society and the future will be distinguished from the materials that we will propose, namely the explicit ones (visible part of the materials that will be published), but also the implicit ones (relating to the hidden curriculum)?
  • What social practices, behaviors and representations will we propose as part of the content, but also of the philosophy of crisis pedagogies?
  • How will the proposed materials integrate the development of subjectivity, individuality of the participants in the education?

The participants in this event are:

  • Minitremu (artists Laura Borotea & Gabriel Boldiș) association that facilitates access to contemporary art for children and young people
  • Cosmin Moldovan art teacher at the "Sabin Drăgoi" College of Arts Arad and visual artist,
  • Andreia Petcu science teacher Aletheea School Bucharest, cultural manager Teaching by Learning Association
  • Laurian Popa design professor at the Faculty of Design, Aurel Vlaicu University Arad and visual artist
  • Delia Popa visual artist, cultural manager and museum educator, co-founder and president of ArtCrowd – Artists in education and coordinator of educational programs at the National Art Museum of Romania
  • Alina Roman dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Aurel Vlaicu Arad University
  • Luiza Spiridon, member of the Reaps of Development Association and landscape architect
  • Marius Stoica County Library "Alexandru D. Xenopol" Arad
  • Mihai Zgondoiu, professor, Faculty of Arts and Design, University of West Timișoara and visual artist

The list is still open.

Participation in the March 25 workshop is by invitation.

The Pedagogies of Crisis theoretical workshop is part of the project Post-education. Pedagogies of the crisis, a component of the Knowledge Fields route within "Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture" and is financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Center, confinanced by Complexul Muzeal Arad.

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Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023

Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023