Where does the scroll end? / Thematic writing workshop

The thematic and creative writing workshop on contemporary poetry is aimed at high school and university students. The workshop coordinator is Vasile Leac, poet, publicist and curator of numerous cultural projects.

Participants will address topics related to digital culture, ecology and personal life, answer questions specific to contemporary crises caused by the overuse of new technologies: what does it mean to be burned out in adolescence and how to get out of it? What would be the solutions and what methods can be applied in such situations? How to get out of the depression generated by online and what are the medium and short term solutions? What is digital autism and how can it be avoided? These are the main questions that will be answered throughout the event. They will learn thematic writing and research techniques.


Poet and obscure researcher of vanished territories in the geography of the present. He has published several volumes of poems with various publishers (Seymour: sonata for paper horn, 2005, 2006, 2013; Dictionary of Vine, 2006, Lucian - an experiment, 2009; All are worried, 2010; Uncle is delighted, 2013; M o n o i d e a l, 2018)

Coordinator of thematic poetry anthologies:
Why Cats Don't Have Tails, 2017; Hotel Cosmos - Romanian science fiction poetry, 2019;
The Golden Generation, 2020; Disruptions in Progress An Anthology of the Present, 2021.

Founding member of the literary group Celebrul animal and of the magazine As and How.
In 2012, together with Bianca Băilă, he founded MOI in Timișoara; co-author of the events Waiting has something in common with the high collar of the coat you go to the meeting with and what you can see as far as you go.
Participates in the platform Spaces in Waiting - 2013 with the project The Sugar Factory Oven.
Curator of the W.A.D. Arad event, 2014;
Co-author of the eco-horror feature film Bodrog, 2019.
Author of several short films and video-poems.

Where does the scroll end? / Thematic writing workshop is part of the Post-education project. Pedagogies of the crisis, which is a component of the Knowledge Horizons route (developed by Doar Mâine Association, Minitremu, Foc și Pară Association and Kinema Ikon) within the Cultural Programme "Timisoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture" and is funded by the Municipality of Timisoara through the Project Centre, co-financed by the Arad Museum Complex.

Part of

Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023

Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023