Design fiction and the truths of the future

The workshop is aimed at pupils and incorporates research/information archiving and mounting techniques. The idea is to collectively deconstruct the subject of future truths in the modern age through design fiction. The workshop is moderated by Katharina Ammann.

The objective of the workshop is to initiate a panel/group discussion to analyze the system behind people's relationship with technology. The main activities will be group level mapping of this system as well as research. Rapid brainstorming and point-to-point connections will give participants a coherent perspective on how to approach an umbrella topic.

Practical activities will be in Blender, Adobe suite, paper collage, hand drawing etc. The outcome of the workshop will be a publication of Design Fiction, design fiction and the truths of the future.

Katharina Ammann is a young Romanian-German designer, originally from Arad, who is currently in the second year of her bachelor's program at the Eindhoven Design Academy. Her main interest in her practice is bridging the tangible elements of design along with the analysis of social structures, particularly around the current geopolitical climate. She focuses on methodologies that enable design to act as active and interactive research tools. This means that in her practice there is a primary fascination that revolves around the use of technology as a communication tool for political and ethical discourse. One of the main elements in her work is a focused interest in systems analysis. She believes that the ongoing world of design development is a playground that should consist of multidisciplinary collaborations that embrace a deconstructive view of the world around us, helping us develop a critical and multi-layered lens to help us to better understand who we are, how our environments work, and where the future takes us.

The project is part of the National Cultural Programme "Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded by the Municipality of Timisoara through the Project Centre.

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Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023

Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023