The crisis in/beside me

In this workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to conceive "artistic hypotheses", some projections of possible works of art. Together we will reflect on the great crises of humanity, but especially on the personal "small crises" and on the critical moments in our lives, on the effects they had on us, but especially on the way in which these crises influence our perspective on the future.

The workshop will last for 2 days (8 hours) and will be addressed to a group of 10-15 high school students. The workshop will take place in the personal workshop (Str. Miron Costin No 2C, Atelierele UAP Arad)

In the first, different works will be studied in which turning moments of humanity, significant personal events are described and together we will deconstruct a maximum of 2 works and the topics addressed by the artists. Then we will determine what the term crisis means for each individual. We will also use examples from the works of great artists to have a more coherent ensemble picture of contemporary art and how the problem is posed by contemporary artists.

On the second day we will create some individual mind-maps where we will focus on the possible works that could be born from these discussions and each student will create a story board in which he will describe how he imagines the future of humanity over 500 years and how he imagines showing art for the people of the future. Each student can choose any niche in the artistic field and create a hypothetical work based on it. There are no limits to the possibilities of expression and students will be able to imagine any technical variety, from painting, graphics, animation sculpture, film, kinetic sculpture, to holograms, teleportation, etc. The purpose of the workshop is precisely these mental exercises and the creation of these hypothetical works.

Diana Serghiuță is a visual artist born in Braşov in 1985, lives and works in Arad, Romania. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of the Department of Painting. He obtained his Master's degree in 2010 and his PhD in 2016, within the same department. In her works she explores the complex, fragile territory of the human psyche, these are images of complex, transfigured experiences, somewhere between real and unreal. Her works become evocative new realms, spaces with strong personal notes, mysterious narratives waiting to be revealed. Elements from the trajectory of her personal history are placed in a new context, in a feminine, contemporary manner.

The project is part of the national cultural program "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Center.

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Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023

Post education. Pedagogies of the crisis 2023