Bright Cityscapes is a multidisciplinary program, part of the Timisoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture, whose aim is to create a design laboratory for the city —one interested in observing, responding and acting on contemporary urgencies through the discipline of design, architecture and digital culture. Starting from a situated research in Timisoara productive and academic ecosystem, the program brings together international thinkers, designers, sociologists, creative networks, academia, institutions and companies.

The program opens its doors with a composition of selected products, processes, mechanical parts, and components which are part of the industrial ecosystem of Timisoara. As the concept of mirroring in social science is an unconscious behaviour of imitation from one being to another, the exhibition aims to create a reflection board, an inventory and a tangible interconnection of skills, places, technologies, and products. As a whole, the space will reflect upon the state of design of the city and its role as invisible or visible discipline fundamental for the local economy in connection to global supplies or demands.

18 February, 18:00

Curator: Martina Muzi
Graphic Design: Federico Santarini and Kirsten Spruit
Research team: Norbert Petrovici (coordination), Vlad Alexe (data science), Vlad Bejinariu (history), Ágota Ábrán, Andrei Herța, Macrina Moldovan (organisational ethnography)
Exhibition team: Anabella Costache, Bianca Schick
Photographer: Marius Vasile
General coordination team: Loredana Gaiță (UPT) and Oana Simionescu (FABER)
Project team: Cristian Blidariu, Diana Caducenco, Victoria Cociotă, Alexandru Luca, Karola Kalapati, Ionel Mărgineanu, Mihai Moldovan, Cristina Potra Mureșan, Ema Prisca, Roxana Sîrbu, Florin Unguraș, Mihaela Tilincă
With the support and collaboration of: Azur, Continental, Draexlmaier, Elba, Flex România, Gelcoprod, Nokia.

This project is part of the national cultural programme ”Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023” and is funded by the City of Timișoara through the Center for Projects, The Romanian Order of Architects, Flex Foundation

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Bright CityScapes

Bright CityScapes

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