Located on the banks of Bega, in the Fabric district, the FABER building - in its present form and functionality, is the result of the transformation and rehabilitation of an industrial building, part of the Azur complex. The former Azur factory, whose development began almost 200 years ago, at the initiative of the Farber family from Timisoara, represents another source of inspiration for FABER people and belonging to a creative-entrepreneurial history, an identity for the city.

The architectural qualities of the FABER space enjoyed international recognition shortly after its inauguration. In the New European Bauhaus 2020 awards, the FABER building was among the three European finalists in the "Buildings renovated in the spirit of circularity" category. In the same year, the architects of the building - the FOR team, were nominated for the prestigious European Prize for Architecture, Mies Van Der Rohe. In 2022, the same team was awarded at the BETA Architecture Biennale.

Around 20 companies and teams of freelancers from the creative industries - architecture, design, 3D production, textile and music production, content creators - operate in the FABER building. Cultural organizations and companies find at FABER the creative space, suitable for organizing their own medium and large events.

From April 2023, a new exhibition space of 750 m2 will be inaugurated and made available to creatives and cultural operators in the city. The effort involved in the inauguration of this space is the result of the FABER-AZUR S.A. Partnership.


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