Conference - Dancing from Burnout towards Well-being (II)

Conversation about equity in the european dance scene moderated by Alexandra Bălășoiu, AREAL (RO)

Quantum mind by Valentina De Piante, choreographer & co-director, AREAL

Valentina De Piante’s latest research dimensions are the link between neuroscience and corporeality and the connection between imaginative methods and performance. Through shows, workshops, interdisciplinary projects in schools and embodied lectures, she explores the field. All her projects are part of an ample discourse about consciousness, seen through manifold fields. Her Ph.D. thesis, S.O.M.A and artistic creations, aims to achieve the redefinition of cognition, creativity and human potential, especially by drawing attention towards the moving body and its connection to the corporal, familial and public space. To further amplify her research activity, she also hosts conferences that bring guests from all types of backgrounds, calling into question the body-education and the art-science-performative language connection.  In 2016 she was selected to be one of the [8:tension] choreographers. In 2020 she received the CNDB prize as an independent artist. In  2021 she published her first book: Body of Knowledge. She is a lecturer and professor at the National University of Theatre and Film I.L.Caragiale, in Bucharest, practitioner of the Feldenkrais method®.  (RO/IT)

Art as a solution. From centrifugal to centripetal by Simone Sandroni, choreographer (DE)

Born in Italy he was a founding member of the Ultima Vez group in Brussels in 1987 and worked with Wim Vandekeybus’ company until the end of 1992 before founding his own group, Ernesto, in Brussels in 1993, and choreographing his first works.  Three years later he called the Déjà Donné company to life in Prague, with whom he enjoyed international success – their productions were seen in more than 30 countries winning awards including »Best Production« at the Na Hranici Festival, Best Dance Mise-en-scene of the Year Award in Prague and the Total Theatre Award in Edinburgh. In 2007 he started working regularly with the Bayerische Staatsballett and Bayerische Youth Ballet in Munich. From 2015 till 2022 was the head of the dance department at the Stadttheater Bielefeld in Germany. 

This is a lot, but there's more & more is more - artistic intervention by Paula Dunker, physical queer activist, actress, writer (RO)

Paul Paula Dunker promises that her (artistic) work is based on the analysis of the systems of representation, production and creation. She mostly works with the body. Romanian contemporary dance's daughter, sister of the local political theater, mother in the Bucharest queer clubbing scene, she is (together with Alex Bălă) the initiator of the techno-faggothique music genre. Confronting existing patterns, she helps build up possible new worlds and heal this one.

Event dedicated to those registered for the Dancing from Burnout towards Equity Conference.

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

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