Romanian short films from the official selection | Dracula TiMes

Romanian short films from Dracula Film Festival official selection

Curated by Cristian Mărculescu (67 min)

N-15 | Not recommended for under 15s

  • BRIGHT RED (10’)

Directed by Ania Ionescu

A brother’s jealousy takes dark turns, while he proceeds to find out an even darker secret.


Directed by Jamil Hendi

One stormy night, She (recently widowed, pregnant) tries to sleep, but the lights in the house keep turning on, suddenly. But ,as many times as he tries to turn off the lights, memories from the past, with Him keep coming back to her. Will She be able to get rid of these painful memories?


Directed by Kristijan Kostadinovski

A man is fighting with his deadmons, and people that want to help him start hating him.


Directed by Goran Mihailov

A couple's daily routine is interrupted by an unexpected threat.


Directed by Ramona Popescu

The film introduces us to Marta, a 26-year-old young woman in a flawed relationship with Paul. While the girl is working on a collage, Paul suggests a trip to the supermarket to buy food.

On their way in their personal car, Marta notices a man (Alexandru) on the side of the street, under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Paul and Marta are returning from the store he has on the way, and in the area they saw Alexandru notice how the man was involved in a fatal accident.

Marta is tried by a strong sense of guilt. She decides to return to the scene of the accident by herself. Lying on the floor, in the same place where Alexandru was, Marta feels the touch of a hand on her back. She gets up scared and successively runs into three characters dressed in black who talk to her about destiny and free will. Arriving home, the girl gets into bed next to Paul who is sleeping. Put the bedding aside. Under Marta we see a large bloodstain. The young woman gets up on top of the bed, pulls on Paul to wake him up, but he has no reaction.

The project is part of the national cultural program “Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” and is financed and organized in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center for Projects.

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