Closing Conference and Launch of the Bright Cityscapes Publication

The Bright Cityscapes program started with research on the economic structure of Timișoara, coordinated by the sociologist Norbert Petrovici, which formed the basis of the cultural content proposed by the curator Martina Muzi and organized by Politehnica University of Timișoara and FABER.

After a year full of events within the program: conferences, exhibitions "Mirroring the Ecosystem", "Turn Signals - Design is not a Dashboard", "Atlas of Distances", workshops and mediation programs, we invite you to the closing conference of the program Bright Cityscapes and the launch of the Bright Cityscapes publication.

On November 8, we return to the zero point of the program, when we started visiting the factories in Timișoara, and we organize the conference in one of the factories whose doors we managed to open at the beginning of the program. International experts will share different perspectives on the factors and vectors that contribute to the evolution of a city.

The event will have as guests:

• Joseph Grima, architect, critic, curator and publisher. Creative director of Design Academy Eindhoven and co-founder of design research studio Space Caviar.

• Saskia van Stein, independent curator, moderator and educator with a focus on design and architecture. Director of the Master's program entitled The Critical Inquiry Lab, within the Design Academy Eindhoven

• Norbert Petrovici, sociologist, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. The coordinator of the Bright Cityscapes Program Research Team 

Each guest will present their own perspective on how a place like Timișoara can plan its future, i.e. reach its potential - having as a starting point their own professional practices, but also the content of the Bright Cityscapes program.

The series of presentations will be followed by a round table with the 3 guests and the curator of the program, Martina Muzi, moderated by Ștefan Ghenciulescu, architect, critic and researcher in the field of architecture and urban planning, editor-in-chief of Zeppelin Magazine.

The number of participants in the conference is limited, and those wishing to participate will be able to register using a registration form available starting November 1st on the UPT and FABER social media pages.

Program created with the support of: Azur Romania, Banca Transilvania, Continental Romania,
Flex Romania, Hamilton Central Europe, Honeywell, Nokia Romania, Vivalia Real Estate.
Mobility partner: Autonom Romania

The Bright Cityscapes Closing Conference and Launch of the Bright Cityscapes Publication is part of the Bright Cityscapes program, organized by the Politehnica University of Timișoara and FABER, with funding from: Timișoara City Hall through the Center of Projects, the Romanian Order of Architects, the Flex Foundation and the Alber Foundation.

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