FABER is an independent cultural center, founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Timisoara in the fields of architecture, IT and social-cultural. Confidence in the potential of Timisoara and the desire to contribute to the consolidation of the creative industry in the city brought them together in 2017, when they decided to purchase the industrial warehouse in the AZUR complex and transform it into the FABER building.

The name Faber originates from the philosophical concept "Homo Faber" - the creative man - an idea proposed by Hannah Arendt and Max Scheler, which describes the man capable of changing the environment by means of tools. FABER is where any talent with a dream or a plan finds here the infrastructure, the way of working and the community to help them develop what they imagined. A place of inspiration and creation.

Since 2020, since the inauguration of the building, the FABER team has also become a creator of socio-cultural, visual, experimental, artistic and musical contents. The main FABER program lines - design and music are curated by Martina Muzi, designer and design teacher, and Florin Unguraș, co-founder of the TMBase festival.

In 2023, the year of Timișoara - European Capital of Culture, FABER is a reference space for a series of events within the cultural agenda. In partnership with the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, FABER signs the Bright Cityscapes program, whose various events - exhibitions, conferences, parties will take place in the FABER space, throughout the whole year.


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