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Shortfilms Focus Spain 

Curated by Cristian Mărculescu (109 min)

N-15 | Not recommended for under 15s

  • The 6 Relics of Helena Mason

Directed by: Joseph Díaz

Mary is a battered woman who receives an irrefutable offer. For once, she has had the stroke of luck that she so longed for. Finally, she will be able to escape from her personal hell and start a new life forgetting the all the pain of the past. She will only need to collect some old items from her family heirloom, deliver them to a mysterious buyer and her nightmare will be over forever.

The Tape

Directed by:  Pablo Iranzo Pineda

Enrique (16), is alone at home when a person arrives unexpectedly early at his house. But that person is not who he claims to be.

  • Turno de Noche: The Wrong Place

Directed by: Juanjo Avi

J, the Scrap Yard Watchman, is on duty one more night, accompanied by El Jefe, when a serial killer and the victim he clumsily let escape arrive at his humble junkyard.

  • QB521

Directed by: Carlos Puchol

In the first century, Northern border of the Roman Empire and after a revolt, a Tribune and a legionnaire will find themselves survivors and challenged of a greater odd than they have already experienced and beyond what they could imagine.

  • Voyager

Directed by: Pablo Pagán

A truck driver discovers the ability to abandon her body, and travel the world outside the boundaries of her physical self.

  • It wasn’t me

Directed by: Javier Mangas

During last year a wave of murders shakes San Fernando de Henares town, outskirts of Madrid. Inspector Pinilla, in charge of the case investigation at the outset, has been set aside for being directly involved in. Disregarding his suspension, Pinilla decides to keep on investigating on its own, putting the lives if those closest to him at risk.

  • El Nazareno

Directed by: Jose Luis Pineda

The most important event in the history of the Christian religion occurs beyond the physical plane, when God himself touches humankind for the first time.

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