The event will host a discussion between Camille Morando, the curator of the exhibition and the editorial coordinator of the catalogue, Christian Derveloy, the general director of the Arta Grafica printing house and Diana Marincu, the artistic director of the Art Encounters Foundation. The discussion will be moderated by Marius Stan, the editorial director of the Art Encounters Foundation.
Among the guests present in the room: Bernard Blistène, Cătălin Davidescu, Andreea Foanene.
The exhibition Victor Brauner: Inventions and Magic is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue (Romanian/English), which brings together original texts by specialists (Romanian, French and American) about the artist and the exhibited works, an analytical biography, and biographical notes about Victor Brauner’s Romanian friends.
The five essays entrusted to Cătălin Davidescu, Catherine Hansen, Radu Stern, Bernard Blistène and Camille Morando are devoted to Brauner’s place in Romania, from his beginnings in the 1920s in Bucharest to his possible influences on the current scene. With didactic intention, thirteen texts by Irina Cărăbaș and Camille Morando describe the works presented in the exhibition and analyze the influences and inventions of drawings, paintings and sculptures, evoking the historical, biographical, and artistic context of Victor Brauner, in Romania and France, from the beginning of the 1920s to 1965. The painter wrote in 1944: “Two capital events: my eye accident and the war.” Despite these events, Victor Brauner will constantly renew his work and invent new techniques, new subjects, with remarkable tenacity to compose an original creation.
In the appendices, the illustrated biography was established by Camille Morando from archival funds to recount the artist’s life and work (1903–1966). The biographical notes by Andreea Foanene, Cătălin Davidescu, Diana Marincu and Catherine Hansen present the Romanian friends of Victor Brauner (Théodore Brauner, Benjamin Fondane, Jacques Hérold, Gherasim Luca, Gellu Naum, Paul Păun, Jules Perahim, Hedda Sterne, Tristan Tzara and Ilarie Voronca), whose creation testifies to the exceptional influence of the Romanian avant-garde and the abundant productions in Romania and France. Thus, the catalogue offers a novel writing, both to accompany visitors to the exhibition and to present and reveal to amateurs and the varied public, who will not be able to come to Timișoara, the inventions and magic of Victor Brauner who wrote: “My painting is autobiographical. I am telling my life. My life is exemplary because it is universal...”.
La Două Bufnițe Library will have a dedicated stand at the entrance of the museum.

Financed by Timiș County Council.
Main Partner: Banca Transilvania

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Victor Brauner: inventions and magic

Victor Brauner: inventions and magic

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