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CODRU Festival Association, Galateca Galery, and the Neo Art Romania Cultural Association are launching the second national edition of Creative Sustainability Week. Timișoara is now on the creative sustainability map alongside Bucharest, Cluj, and Reșița.

CODRU Sustainart Village - is an educational project that puts sustainable urban development in the spotlight by reconnecting with nature amid the city.

October 6-15, Timișoara
CODRU Urban Garden (Cazarma U)

Sustainable living is being discussed through the activities of this project, starting with exhibitions, artistic installations, community meetings, and educational contexts and ending with an interior reflection space where everyone's relationship with the environment and ecological principles are rethought.

The event will be concentrated in the city center (Union Square), and you will experience:

  • visual and decorative arts exhibition;
  • sustainable design exhibition;
  • BMW exhibition - design and architecture, legendary for half a century now;
  • urban installations;
  • performances and action art;
  • conference and artist talks;
  • workshops;
  • film screenings.
This project is part of the National Cultural Program Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is funded through the LOB2023+ program, implemented by the Timiș County Center for Culture and Art, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture's budget.

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CODRU Sustainart Village

CODRU Sustainart Village