Concert | Alyona Alyona

Alyona Alyona is a hip-hop artist from Ukraine, who from a kindergarten teacher became a hip-hop sensation in less than one year. Her live career began in 2019, and the same year she became the winner of the ANCHOR Award (Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award for the most promising emerging music talent). In 2021 she received the Music Moves Europe Talent Award and the Public Choice Award at ESNS, the Netherlands. In 2022, Alyona was already a jury member of the Music Moves Europe Awards. Forbes Magazine mentioned her in the category 30 under 30 musicians.

She raps in her native language Ukrainian and is an absolute force of nature on stage. Her words flow, hiss, roll, groove, and rush out. With crazy flow and groove she delivers raps without any bling and pomp and describes in her songs the unembellished situation of the young generation in her homeland.

Her videos, in which she proudly dances as the queen of the street in front of the housing projects of her hometown Baryshivka, or stages herself as a fairytale matriarch in a dystopian world, have millions of viewers.

The concert is included in “Celebrating the Opening” (17 February, 19:00-23:00, Union Square)

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Opening Timișoara 2023

Opening Timișoara 2023