Concert | Implant Pentru Refuz & guests

The Implant Pentru Refuz journey began in 1995, with the band standing out for its specific sound and direct message, deeply rooted in current events. Implant Pentru Refuz has released 9 albums to date, each album representing an evolutionary step the band has gone through. Each success, each failure, represents for Implant Pentru Refuz a new foundation stone, a new foundation for future albums. Implant Pentru Refuz puts soul into all its creation and shares strong feelings with its fans. Implant Pentru Refuz has grown over its 26+ years of existence through an ever-fresh sound and carefully connected lyrics. With a music that is both sensitive and at the same time full of energy, Implant Pentru Refuz writes a complex story in our country's contemporary music culture.


Ovidiu "Bulbuc" Takács
Ovidiu "Okelari" Vinereanu
Dora Gaitanovici

Adrian Despot
One of our most serious and complex artists, Adrian Despot is loved by people of all generations. Vița de Vie is one of the longest-standing bands in our country, not just in the alternative rock landscape. Adrian Despot has long proven his versatility and has developed over the years as one of the most respected music producers in our country. For him, music has no gender, color, sex, religion. When it is done well, music itself becomes a religion for him. He is a discreet person, and his public life is dedicated to music, mentoring and charity. You know him from the Megastar jury, as coach at The Voice of Romania, and recently started on the radio with the Playground project with Despot and Hefe @ Rock FM.

Dan Byron
Dan Byron has over 20 years of activity in alternative music in Romania. He is the leader and vocalist of the band byron, which he founded in 2006 and with whom he has so far released 7 studio albums and 3 live DVDs. Together with the band, he composed the soundtrack of an original HBO Romania series. Also together with Byron he filmed the "Live Underground" concert in Salina Turda and the „Electric Marching Band" concert accompanied by a military brass band and a choir of students. Before byron, Dan was active in several formulas and bands, the most notable being Kumm and Urma. Over the years he collaborated with a lot of artists, including Alexandru Andrieș, Nicu Alifantis, Paula Seling, Luiza Zan. He is passionate about songwriting and has held workshops dedicated to this topic at the Mastering the Music Business conference.

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Opening Timișoara 2023