Concert "Le Petit Bal de Poche"

This year, the French Institute of Romania in Timisoara organizes a new edition of the Impuls Festival.
Through Impuls 2024: Legacy we aim to continue our mission started in 2017, to bring culture to the peripheral areas of the city, which we aim to transform into cultural scenes where art becomes a tool for reclaiming public space, redefining the common imagination about the city and its inhabitants, and connecting across social and geographical barriers. 

Thus, we celebrate the multiculturality of the city and the Fabric neighbourhood with a music concert on 20 June at 20:30 in Traian Square. Inspired by the French tradition of Fete de la Musique, the concert will be performed by the French group "Le Petit Bal de Poche", accompanied by singer Nawel Dombrowsky. The music of Le Petit Bal de Poche is characterised by the old guinguette, bal musette style, which they reinvent by incorporating various influences, such as Balkan rhythms, into their music.

The six musicians are sure to create a festive atmosphere in Traian Square, the ideal opportunity to meet, socialise and make connections.

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Festivalul Impuls 2024: Legacy

Festivalul Impuls 2024: Legacy