Culture Quest Exhibition Opening - Level Up: Workshops Outcomes

4 editions, 10 workshops, 18 mentors, 100+ young participants, and soon, an exhibition!

On November 22, we're leveling up, and we invite you to Gallery 5 at 6:00 PM to see the results of two years of Culture Quest experiences.

In 2022, we entered a seismological observatory for the first time and learned about the earthquakes that shake and shape our planet. We explored the basic principles of detecting seismic vibrations and discovered how a seismoscope works.

We performed movement exercises and used our bodies to express our fears related to earthquakes. We worked collaboratively, had fun, and experimented. For a deeper understanding of this phenomenon, we studied recent discoveries in Earth Sciences and integrated them into the context of artworks relevant to this subject.

We played with circuits and sensors, building electronic machines that generate noise when shaken.

In 2023, we practiced patience, acquainted ourselves with bacteria and fungi, and explored the fascinating world of fermentation and other natural preservation methods.

We took a stroll in the 'Botanical Garden of the Future' and imagined what life on Earth will look like millions of years from now. We discovered unusual evolutions and hybrid species and proposed new scenarios for them.

We learned about man-made earthquakes, fracking, and artistic approaches to the general theme of seismic activities.

We explored our emotional connection to urban spaces and experimented with the conceptual reconstruction of the city and familiar places, both through photography and physically through photo-chemical techniques.

We learned more about coexistence and our connection to water. We delved into an unseen universe with the naked eye and gained a deeper understanding of a fascinating, yet little-known world.

We had the opportunity to get close to the water flowing through the turbines of a water plant and better understand the human work and engineering that make its functioning possible. We delved into the depths of the sonic universe of water and discovered that it can be more than an essential element for life.

Our mentors were: Rose Marie Barrientos & Ciprian Homorodean, Claudiu Cobilanschi, Ioana Vreme Moser, Mihaela Vasiliu, Andrea Palašti & Daniel Popovic, Ana Kun & Mihai Drăgan, Adina Rău & Eduard Necula & Mimi Ciora, Sabina Suru & Andrei Tudose, Jasmina Al-Qaisi & Ralf Wendt, Nita Mocanu & Marius Stoica

We participated: Andrada Pariza, Mihaela Ștefania Turchină, Ada Stan, Oliver Tim, Timeea Melania Tomiță, Iris Alexandrina Chicu, Ronja Drew, Justina Ema Šcvecová, Marius Mălai, Crista Mihai Denis, Ash, Teodor Vreme Moser, Macarie Miruna, Kun Erik, Grădinaru Iasmina, Weber Gina-Maria, Matei Mara, Popa Vasiu Ania, Levi Cucu, Ana-Maria Constanda, Ana Moldovan, Miruna Macarie, Alexandra-Maria Iederan, Emilia Mihuț, Anamaria Popa, Renata Vajda, Ioana Gherman, Filip Mihut, Arina Sîrbu, Daniel Dărăban, Mihai Negruțiu, Andreea Todorescu, Maria Dombrov, Eftychia Paltsidou, Patrícia Raposo, Mara Matei, Iulia Morcov-Marton, Lucian Barbu, Raul Doroiu, Victor Bacican, Teodora Mocanu, Florin Fâra, Botici Marco Nicolae, Todorut Fabian, Cernovschi Andrei, Bulgaru Emanuel, Suciu Maria Iulia, Mocanu Nadia, Garban Adriana Daiana, Buhuțanu Alexandra, Duria Ruxana, Constantin Alexa, Biliuz Nicoleta Simina, Costan Anne Mary, Voinea Raluca Ioana, Cană Denisa Claudia, Țârle Cristina Maria, Crăciunescu Sara Maria, Gârban Alisia Dalia, Petrescu Patric, Ghiurici David, Mania Luca, Mania David, Andra Vanesa Păunescu, Alessandra Chitu, Daria Beleiu, Bianca Barbu, Delia Tokar, Daria Roman, Alexis Stoica, Ana Elena Grozav, Sergiu Șoavă, Rareș-George Milotin, Daniel Ciprian Kozak, Bogdan Dunăreanu, Cristian Garoiu, Sara Elizabeth Cojocariu, Mădălina Gligor, Daniel Miron, Daniela Lupșan, Daria Homeag, Emilia Mihuț, Andrei Șeclăman, Denisa Fazekasx, Carine Arnakis, Dona Arnakis, Gavril Pop, Larisa Neamțu, Ioana Gherman, Delia Samfira, Inina Alexandra Neagoe, Teodora Achim, Ariane Țigler, Iancu Ștefan, Mihai Grigore.

Culture Quest is a component of the Knowledge Fields program, and the four cultural partners are Indecis, Minitremu, kinema ikon, and Doar Mâine.

The project is part of the National Cultural Program "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded and organized in partnership with the Timișoara Municipality through the Project Center. Supported by BRD-Groupe Société Générale.

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