FLOWER OF CHILD. Grandma. Mother. Little girl. Contemporary trilogy.

I firmly believe that in the 21st century (even more so as we live in a relatively toxic symbiosis with our own electronic devices) THEATER happens INSIDE us, not necessarily far from us, on a stage with... lights and smoke… e.g. In the end, for me, THEATER is a collection of triggers that can open opportunities for introspection and especially critical thinking about everything that surrounds us.

Using my syncretic artistic means, my hybrid theatrical installation speaks about how a child who does not yet have the vocabulary of verbal and emotional expression, it perceives ABANDONMENT, PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE, PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, NEGLECTION, these traumatic events sometimes irreparably sculpting her/ his destiny and subsequently AFFECTING ALL LEVELS OF INTERACTIONS with the surrounding reality.

In the new HEI - House of European Institutes space in Bastion you can expect the presentation of a work-in-progress rather close to its final version. An immersive non-verbal sound installation accompanied by two QR codes that redirect you online - where the other 2 perspectives on transgenerational trauma "reside". Grandmother, Mother and Little girl - three generations and different parenting idioms.

texts by Carmen Ghiurco and Carmen Tărniceru

with Emilia Dobrin, Stanca Jabenițan, Camelia Dilbea, Oana Pușcatu and Nicholas Cațianis

artwork by Mihai Păcurar

technical supervisor - Alexandru Andrei

dramaturgy co-producer - Daniela Şilindean

direction and sound design - Vlaicu Golcea


Artist: Vlaicu Golcea

Project realised with the support of a grant for artistic creation ''Energy!'' awarded by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Project Centre, within the National Cultural Programme "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023".

Carried out in partnership with HEI - House of European Institutes and Teatrul Postnațional Interfonic.

Part of

Flori de copii | Teatru/Instalație

Flori de copii | Teatru/Instalație