KEPLER | Norbert Filep

My fascination revolves around a double meaning of different types of information. In the case of this project, the research is closely related to science, more specifically to the study of extra-planetary territory. It starts from the relationship between the objective dimension of astronomy and the subjectivity with which we relate to our own terrestrial environment.  

The central focus of this project will be on the information used in reading the different types of extra-planetary research found in astronomy. Whether we are talking about spectroscopy, turning to high-resolution photographs from the Hubble and James Webb telescopes, or looking at data and graphs inferred from the transit of exo-planets past the stars they orbit (transit light curves), the mixture of the two types of information contributes to accurate and objective features in exo-planet discovery. In short, the technological processes used in obtaining and reading astronomically extracted data will be used for conceptual purposes to generate a freshly articulated visual language. 

The exhibition project will largely consist of a series of drawings derived from information extracted from the analysis of various graphs and images. For these series, paper, the primary medium for the drawings, becomes a fragment of the two-dimensional Cartesian system and must be viewed and thought of as such.  

In this way, the objective information of astronomical research becomes a tool of artistic subjectivity, where interpretations remain correlated with an open space of play and are liberated from the objective dimension of these typologies of information.

Artist: Norbert Filep

Project realised with the support of a grant for artistic creation ''Energy!'' awarded by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Project Centre, within the National Cultural Programme "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023".

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Astronomia: aspecte conceptuale în desenul contemporan

Astronomia: aspecte conceptuale în desenul contemporan