Liminal - transformative audiovisual space

Are you a person who likes new experiences? Are you passionate about visual art? What about immersive theatre? Or maybe you just want to get out of the house from the 30th of October to the 5th of November.

The Sensorial Theatre awaits you in Unirii Square with an immersive exhibition space - "Liminal - transformative audiovisual space" - under a geodesic dome, which hosts a visual installation made of fiber optic wires, rendering the atmosphere of a mystical and illuminated forest, a new media art installation that will bring the outside of the tent to life, together with a sound composition that resonates with the vibrant pulse of the space, and a performative installation of sensory theatre that guides you back to your inner universe and sets the stage for a reconnection with your authentic self.

Liminal - a transitional space, a realm suspended between the boundaries of what is and what could be, which as you explore it takes you deeper and deeper into a new dimension of perception, subtly guiding you from the state you entered this journey with to a state of conscious presence. Here, time unravels its hurried threads and allows you to rest for a few moments in eternity, in this nostalgic, surreal, yet so familiar space.

A passage between worlds that reveals a boundless realm, an expansion of the distance between you and what surrounds you, so that you can immerse yourself in your inner universe, where you allow yourself to feel all emotions, to grasp with your imagination the infinity of possibilities that are always in front of you, to reconnect with your authentic self and the vital energy that flows unrestrained through you and everything around you. In this context, the visual and the intangible come together to reveal an extraordinary testament to the limitless potential of the human imagination. 

The walls, adorned with a tapestry of changing colours and textures, seem to breathe, expanding and contracting with a rhythmic pulse. Each hue, each line, each pixel represents a facet of liminal space, a rich concept woven into the tapestry of human experience. 

Light, soft and ethereal, casts intricate shadows that dance and invite you to explore further. As you move through this space, the soft flicker of luminescence envelops your senses, whispering of transition and transformation. The installation mirrors the writings of scholars and artists who have sought to capture the essence of liminal space. It is a place where what is known becomes inscrutable, where the past fades into the present and the boundaries of perception dissolve into a dreamscape.

The soundtrack is an orchestration of emotions, designed to provoke a visceral response. It resonates with the installation's heartbeat, a musical symphony described as the sonic manifestation of liminality. It is a composition of echoes and vibrations, of silence and crescendo, invoking emotions that cannot be expressed in words. The music, ever-changing and unpredictable, infuses the space with an atmosphere of heightened anticipation, as if it were the sonic counterpart to the liminal threshold.

The project is part of the National Cultural Programme Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is funded by the Lightfest+ programme, run by the Timis County Centre for Culture and Arts, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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Liminal - transformative audiovisual space

Liminal - transformative audiovisual space