Matei Bejenaru – Researchers | Public space installation

The work represents the installation in a public space in the historical centre of Timișoara of seven photographic panels each representing researchers active in scientific institutes in the city. In the contemporary media context, the specialisation in science in research institutes is almost invisible. The work proposes to reflect on the status of science and rational knowledge in the current Romanian society, when research and innovation budgets are extremely low and the amount of science in school subjects for students is decreasing.

The motivation behind the choice of this subject is the artist's conviction that the progress of science and technology is essential for the development of society in Romania. The documentary photographs depict researchers working in Timisoara in their spaces of scientific experiment and creation and have an aesthetic close to journalism, which orient the viewer towards an objective reading of the visual information in the images.

Financed by City of Timișoara through the Center for Projects

Part of

Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition

Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition