On Brâncuși's birthday with Doïna Lemny, in Timișoara

Brancusi et ses muses, Doïna Lemny, Éditions Gourcuff Gradenigo, 2023
Adored and even revered by all the women who passed through his workshop, Brâncusi remained in the memories of his friends as a great seducer, the subject of romantic desires. His person, wrapped in a soft and warm aura, inspired confidence and attracted like a magnet sensitive souls who dreamed of great love. The result of meticulous research on Brâncuși's life and work, this book aims to shed light on his relationships with women: mistresses and lovers, such as the Swiss dancer Marthe Lebherz and the English pianist Vera Moore. Margit Pogany, Leonie Ricou, Eileen Lane, Baroness Renée-Irana Frachon, Agnes E. Meyer and her four daughters, Nancy Cunard, who inspired works of reference in 20th-century sculpture, as well as dancer Marina Chaliapin, artist Beatrice Wood, poet Mina Loy, American writers and artists Dudley, Romanian artists Lizica and Irène Codréano, and Chilean artist Juana Muller complete this intimate aspect of the artist's life that has been the source of many legends. This book is richly illustrated with portraits and often unpublished documents.

Brancusi, la chose vraie, Doïna Lemny, Éditions Gourcuff Gradenigo, 2022
Constantin Brâncuși (1876-1957) sparked curiosity and interest during his lifetime. In the art world, he appears as a singular character whose work impresses both by the purity and modernity of the forms and by a certain archaism. The author of several books about Brâncuși, Doina Lemny, sets out in this album to follow the artist's journey, examining the critical moments of his creation, his working method and the materials he mainly used. The author evokes the artistic environment in which Brâncusi evolved, his relationships and his friendship with Duchamp, Modigliani, Satie, Pound or James Joyce, and the connections with his compatriots, thus creating a subtle and renewed portrait of the artist. Richly illustrated, this volume sheds a unique light on the photography practice to that Brancusi devoted himself with passion. He could impose his aesthetic vision and gaze on his sculptures.

Doïna Lemny is a doctor in art history, a museography-researcher at the National Museum of Modern Art, Center Pompidou Paris, and a specialist in sculpture from the first half of the 20th century. She co-curated seven themed exhibitions at the Brancusi Workshop from 1998 to 2002 and was the curator of the exhibition "Antoine Pevsner in the collections of the Pompidou Center" (2001), "The Brancusi Bequest" (2003), "Henri Gaudier-Brzeska in the collections of the Pompidou Center" (2009), "Matisse-Palady et La Blouse roumaine » "Brancusi. La sublimation de la forme" at the Bozar museum in Brussels and coordinated the catalogues published on the occasion of organizing the exhibitions. She authored several volumes on Brancusi and other artists: Brancusi, Paris, Oxus, 2005; Brancusi & Gaudier-Brzeska: points de convergence et Henri Gaudier-Brzeska: Notes sur Liabeuf et Tolstoï, Paris, L'Échoppe, 2009; Lizica Codréano, une danseuse roumaine dans l'avant-garde parisienne, Lyon, Fage, 2011/ Lizica Codreanu, a dancer in the Parisian avant-garde, Bucharest, Vellant, 2012; Brancusi, au-delà de toutes les frontières, Lyon, Fage, 2012 / Brâncusi, the artist who transgresses all borders, Bucharest, NoiMediPrint, 2012 / Brancusi, an Artist without Frontiers, Bucharest, NoiMediaPrint, 2016; Brancusi, coll. « Monographs », Paris, éditions du Center Pompidou, 2012 / Brâncusi Târgu Jiu, Brâncusi publishing house, 2018; Adam Balțatu: I wanted to be a painter. Notes, neat edition and preface, Iasi, Junimea, 2014; Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, a sculptor "dead pour la France", Lyon, Fage, 2015; Brancusi & Duchamp correspondence, Paris, Dilecta, 2017 / Brâncusi & Duchamp: the story of a friendship, Bucharest, Vremea, 2019; Brancusi et Marthe ou l'histoire d'amour entre Tantan et Tonton, Lyon, Fage, 2017 / Brâncusi & Marthe or the love story between Tantan and Tonton, Bucharest, Vremea, 2019; The virtue of the earth - unique work, trilingual edition, Târgu Jiu, "Constantin Brâncusi" Publishing House, 2018; Matisse-Palady et La Blouse roumaine. Une amitié sous la censure (French-Romanian bilingual edition), Lyon, Fage, 2019; Brancusi. La sublimation de la forme (dir.), Gand, Snoeck, 2019; They met Brâncusi/Ils ont rencontre Brancusi, Bucharest, Vremea, 1920. L'ensemble monumental de Târgu Jiu / The Monumental Ensemble in Târgu Jiu, Târgu Jiu, publisher, 2021; Brancusi: la chose vraie, Paris, Gourcuff-Gradenigo, 2022; Brancusi et ses muses, Paris, Gourcuff-Gradenigo, 2022.

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Opening Timișoara 2023

Opening Timișoara 2023