At Two Owls Independent Bookshop went into business on the 2nd of December 2016 when two childhood friends, Oana Doboşi and Raluca Selejan, decided to make a business out of their lifelong passion – books. Both, Raluca and Oana, graduated from the West University of Timişoara’s Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, and wanted to build a place where culture can be more conspicuous for both, Timişoara’s population and local art scene, and for the tourists. Through the books they decide to bring in the bookshop and the great number of events they organize, they’ve managed to generate a warm and friendly environment in which they intend to promote Romanian and world literature, human sciences and art. The two associates aim to bring the books closer to children, therefore they’ve built a reading area just for them. They’ve managed to give Timişoara a touch of daintiness through the books they promote and the events they organize, daintiness that spread among the whole city. The bookstore is part of the European and International Booksellers Federation, received awards from the "Poezia e la Bistrița" International Festival (2017): Bookstore of the year, from the Urban Planners Association of Timișoara (2018): Urban Regeneration and Gala Radio Romania Cultural Awards (2022): The special award for literature. The bookstore organizes, from 2020, the first literary residency in Timișoara and has hosted and organized events with writers from Romania, from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, USA and Iceland.


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