Psihodrom (Lemarian, VJ Bürger și 150 Stoka)

150 Stoka, Lemarian and Bürger are a fusion of styles and personalities that attempt to define one facet of contemporary hybridity, encouraging a transdisciplinary exploration. The music and lyrics of 150 Stoka, interwoven with Lemarian's compositions and complemented by the visual universe generated by Bürger, outline new dimensions of paradox and fluidity of the present times. 

The bond between the three artists, strengthened by friendship, represents a continuous search for complex forms of audio-visual bricolage that challenge the limits of the comfort zone by stimulating an expanded sense of innovation and contrast heightened by the frequency of change in everyday life.

Muzicon.hub, D'Arc pe Mal, Center for Projects

Financed by:
City of Timișoara through the Center for Projects

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City Celebration

City Celebration