Timișoara: Free City, Free Spirit | Budapest

The Timișoara 2023 Association - European Capital of Culture, together with the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest, invite you to participate in an event organized on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the outbreak of the Romanian Revolution in Timișoara.

The event will occur on December 5, 2023, at the ICR Budapest headquarters (Izsó Street, no. 5, 1146 Budapest). It will begin at 18:00 with the opening of the "Timișoara Incognito" photography exhibition, presenting images from the 1989 Revolution captured by the photographer from Timișoara, Constantin Duma.

The cultural evening will continue on a musical note with a classical guitar concert by the artists Ilie Stepan and Horea Crișovan.

Ilie Stepan is a founding member and leader of the PRO Musica, Stepan Project, and Stepan Project Blues Foundation. On December 20, 1989, he performed alongside Lică Dolga in Timișoara from the balcony of the National Opera of Timișoara in front of 100,000 people protesting against Ceaușescu's dictatorial regime. He composed music for over 100 theatre shows and over 50 documentary and television films. The song "Timișoara", written in December 1989 to the lyrics of Marian Odangiu, became the Official Anthem of the Municipality of Timișoara in 2013.

Horea Crișovan is a music producer at the VanDerCris studio in Timișoara. He is the lead guitarist in Duchamp Pilot, accumulating over 40 record productions and 990 guitar appearances on various musical productions throughout his career. With Ilie Stepan, he has collaborated in many harmonious combinations from 1995 to the present.

To conclude the evening spectacularly, projections with images from the Romanian Revolution 1989 will be shown in the building of the ICR Budapest headquarters. Spectators can enjoy a warm tea or mulled wine while admiring the images on the building.

The event is part of the priority cultural program Communication of the Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023 Program, funded by the Ministry of Culture.

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Timișoara: Free City, Free Spirit

Timișoara: Free City, Free Spirit